The Astrological Moon

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ISBN: 978-0984047499

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Throughout her astrological career, Darby Costello has been watching the progressed Moon as it moves through the signs and the houses of the birth chart. She shares her observations here in two edited seminar transcriptions - one exploring the Moon in its phase relationship to the natal Sun and the other considering the progressed Moon, by sign and house, as it describes the unfolding of our emotional life and the awakening of our souls. In addition, Darby traces the progressed Moon cycle as it interweaves with the Saturn cycle, marking moments where crisis and change become gateways to new dimensions of experience. These gateways bring past and future together, providing openings to the points of intersection between time and eternity that dwell in each of us. In Darby’s words, "The natal Moon describes the physical gateway through which each of us must enter if we are to have a life on this planet. To spend any time here, as far as we know, you have to enter through a woman's body. And that woman's body will contain traces of every event that has happened since the very beginning . . . All of the past will be contained in that body . . . everything, going back to the birth of the universe."

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