Earth and Air: The Astrological Elements Book Two

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ISBN: 978-1732650404

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This is the second of two volumes of transcribed lectures Darby Costello presented for the CPA in which she shared a dynamic and imaginative exploration of the four astrological elements. Poetic and comprehensive, this volume is a must-have introduction to the elements.Part One: Earth. Discover the nature and meaning of the earth element beginning with the importance of the earth rituals of archaic cultures. Next, explore the meaning of planetary placements in the three earthy signs, and the qualities of the planetary rulers of those signs.The complexity and subtlety of earth is further revealed through an analysis of the chart of Teilhard de Chardin, the remarkable Christian mystic and scientist who integrated two apparently disparate yet intimately connected dimensions of earth which form the great paradox of this element - its rationality and respect for facts, and its profound sense of the magic and transpersonal mystery inherent in the heart of material reality.Part Two: Air. The air element is often mistakenly thought to be "merely" rational. In this seminar Darby takes us on an expansive flight into the upper regions of the mind, exploring first the meaning and nature of air, and then examining planetary placements in the three airy signs and the attributes and mythology of the airy planetary rulers - which, according to traditional astrology, each govern both an earthy and an airy sign.The fluid and effervescent spirit of air is further revealed through the chart of the great poet W. B. Yeats, whose vision, fertility of ideas, and love of beauty in form and idea portray the essential nature of this most elusive of the astrological elements.

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