A Cosmic Dialogue: Reassessing Methods for Understanding New Planets

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ISBN: 978-0984047482

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The explosion of new celestial bodies into our consciousness demands astrological exploration, but astrologers have largely avoided this opportunity. Instead, astronomers name them and, presto – after looking up the relevant mythological nomenclature, we assume we have established that body’s astrological significance. Astrologers are now planetarily-challenged – it’s not just figuring out the meaning of a planet but trying to decide which celestial bodies to include or exclude from our charts. Pluto has been “demoted”, signaling an extensive re-configuration of the solar system from one occupied by a few, huge planetary balls to one described by bands or swathes of celestial bodies. The question is: why now and what do these events mean? The Cosmos beckons – and as we shall see, examining them with an astrological lens reveals new layers of meaning about itself, the Earth and humanity.

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