Mark Jones

Mark Jones is an astrologer, teacher, psychosynthesis therapist and poet. Educated at the Universities of Warwick and Manchester and with the Synthesis organization in Bristol, Mark is internationally known for his work in the field of evolutionary astrology in the style of Jeffrey Wolf Green, and is currently fast at work writing by popular demand.

Mark’s Story In His Own Words

After graduating with a master’s degree in creative writing I began to study Astrology, in initially in the Kabbalistic perspective as taught to me by Warren Kenton. I began to see Astrology, and the related topics of what might be called the Western Mystery tradition, as a key to transforming the limitations of my conventional education. It was during this period in my early twenties that I also took a more experiential path in a meditation school taught by Dr. William Bloom. In my late twenties I began to study Astrology and transpersonal Psychotherapy in earnest, embarking on Noel Tyl’s Masters Astrology program and a psychosynthesis Diploma Training. During the Astro 2000 conference in Denver I met Jeffrey Wolf Green for the first time. He was speaking about Saturn in Taurus (a resonant subject for me at the time as my natal Saturn was close to returning there) and I was struck by the depth of his perspective. In 1999 I was fortunate to attend the only Evolutionary Astrology (Pluto) School Jeffrey taught in London. A few months later on the exact day of my Saturn Return, I was teaching an Astrology class at a local Holistic Health Centre and I have beeen teaching Astrology ever since. In 2002 I graduated from 3 programs simultaneously: Noel Tyl’s Masters program, as a Psychosynthesis Therapist and as an Evolutionary Astrologer from Jeffrey Green’s School. I taught my first Pluto School that year just outside London. I have been the main teacher of three UK Astrology School programs to date. I have also been in private practice as a Psychosynthesis Therapist since that time. My psychosynthesis counseling work focuses on the capacity of the individual to develop empowered choice in their life. The approach developed is unique for every individual depending on their needs. I live and work in Bristol, England. I live with my long-term partner Clare who is a Graphic Designer and who graciously did the cover of my first book, Healing the Soul. In recent years a commitment to the preliminary practices of Tibetan Buddhism, an intensive study of A Course in Miracles and regular retreats have helped integrate my eclectic but focused spirituality. Read more about Mark in this personal interview from the (now defunct) online astrology magazine Majorsky.

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The author’s intention in The Soul Speaks is to shape the practicing astrologer’s therapeutic approach to the astrological consultation. The transformational potential in the astrologer/client session increases when the astrologer goes beyond the superficial New Age spirituality to understand the multidimensional nature of the psyche. And when he writes about the psyche, he is not referring to Freud’s sexual repression theories or the pathological view of mechanistic psychology. Jones’ is advocating the kind of astrology that has soul, a spiritual component that includes past lives, karma, and an evolutionary path forward. In this way, he is a part of the Evolutionary Astrology movement, but with a Jungian psychological perspective.

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